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Home Automation

Description a couple of home automation projects Read More

Master Thesis: Distance measurements using LoRa

Distance measurements using the ToA technique, GPSDOs and LoRa transceivers. Read More


Organize your photos easily Read More

Aquarium Light Project

Presentation of my Aquarium Light Project Read More


Presentation of my two quadcopters Read More

Alarm Clock

Wake up by a sunrise simulation and nature sounds. Built with Arduino. Read More

Hide Classes you currently Don't Attend From Moodle

Thanks to this hack, you won’t see the classes you don’t currently attend. Read More

Enhance iCal Calendars

Change event’s name and delete events to make your calendar (ics) better! Read More

Asteroids Game

A little asteroids game in java developed during my freshman year. Read More

Bubble bath

[LEGACY] A little script to control two pumps of a bubble bath using LPT port. Read More