Benoit Debled

Software Developer
Firmware Developer

Home Automation

Home automation has a lot of advantages and can be very convenient. There are a lot of possible systems, some of them are open while others are closed.

KNX is an open system and is quite simple. The KNX bus consists of 4 wires. Out of the four wires, two of them (black and red) are used for serial at a speed of 9600bps. 29V is also injected into those two wires making the black and red wires used as a power source and as a communication medium. The two extra wires (yellow and white) are only used as power for devices that need more energy such as screens.

I am developing a couple of devices to integrate to a new house that has home automation by the use of KNX. The goal is to make

  • Integrated fingerprint reader to an electronic lock: prototype done (Video). Now it needs to be integrated into the KNX.
  • KNX Switches POC done (Video)
  • KNX Relays (in order to control 2 shutters)
  • RF remotes
  • Cheap PIR sensor
  • post mail notifier using RF

Note: some devices might be RF instead of KNX for cost reasons.