Benoit Debled

Software Developer
Firmware Developer


snapClassify is a project that intend to help you organize your photos easily. As it is a project that I'd like to commercialize and that I am not sure yet of my BMC yet, it is not open source. As it is not open source, I can't say much about it, but what I can tell is that a proof of concept has been developped.

The proof of concept consists of two parts: a desktop application and an hardware device.

The desktop application has been developped by using the Electron framework. Electron is a framework that allows you to develop cross platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Although the application was firstly developed using Ember, it was later migrated to Angular 4.

The hardware device is a GPS tracker that uses the microcontroller SAMD21E18, an SD card, and an oled screen. A 3D printed case has been made for this device in order to be able to take it wherever you want without damaging the electronics.

snapClassify was partially developed during the Inno Pepites Junior contest. After a lot of stages, snapClassify finished first out of 100 projects and got 5 prizes: first prize, UMONS prize, Belfius prize, public prize and Mini (car brand) prize.